I am honoured to practice law in Nova Scotia. Impressed by the competence, diligence, professionalism, community involvement and care of so many members of the bar, I strive to follow their example.



I am inspired by the entrepreneurs and social and global innovators of Halifax. The risk-takers. The ones perhaps with little resources but with big dreams. Halifax, with its universities, colleges, openness and community, is rich with such people and their ideas. I wish to be part of these people’s lives and their businesses or projects.

beyond the box:
fixed rates

My preference is to charge, where possible, using fixed fees on a project basis. Clarity in billing benefits both lawyer and client.


innovation . environment

I have implemented the following in my practice:

  • paperless office. I do not print emails. I send and receive faxes via email. Invoices to clients are electronic (except for clients without access to electronic communications).
  • on-line payment. On-line payment, a safe and easy method that reduces paper usage, is encouraged.
  • double sided printing. Documents and letters are printed double sided on recycled paper, subject to client preference or legal need.
  • electronic copies. Clients are encouraged to have their original documents scanned onto a disk that can be copied and distributed much more cost efficiently than paper copies.

I invite and look forward to embracing other suggestions that you might have.